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Meet Victor, my imaginary friend and also my alter ego. You can't see him, but he exists. Lol no, I am not crazy, this is a way to survive, cuz reality is for people who lack imagination.

About Me: 20. Studying la Litterature française. Highly obsessed with Fassbender and geeky stuff. ComicBook Artist/Writer.

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February was very much ‘Black Sails’ month for Toby.

Finally after all the brouhaha, ‘Black Sails’ finally aired on Starz on 25 January. The main plot focused on the hunt for the Spanish ship and its riches, and the machinations, alliances and various acts of violence…


"It wasn’t Henderson."

"It was something like Henderson. Harrison? Harvey?"

"I don’t know who the fuck you’re talking about. The man that nicked that bottle was called Cregg."

"Cregg! That’s him, Cregg!"

"Mr. Cregg. Carpenter’s mate. Had a nose for sniffing out booze on a prize ship like a fucking bloodhound."

"Oh, Cregg. I remember walking in on him once, digging through a stash on a prize. He… He found this bottle of booze behind a baseboard. Now, he’s convinced that the prize captain’s been hiding his best liquor. So he pops the cork and takes this big swig in front of all of us…"

"…and it was piss."

"It was piss!"

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IDK HAS ANYONE EVER TALKED ABOUT THIS I AM KINDA NEW TO THIS FANDOM (I mean, of course Charles overheard them, because he knew Erik would go and steal the file about Shaw and I think about this all the time and I think this is obvious but is it?)


You saw this coming a mile away, didn’t you?

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